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Oswego County Federal Credit Union (2017)

It takes just 0.05 seconds for someone to form an opinion about your website. Because your professional website is often a new potential customer, client or members first impression of your organization, a website design must be inviting. 

Oswego County Federal Credit Union's previous website didn't feel like a new customer just arrived at the site of an established, professional credit union. The credit union website design appeared cluttered, featuring a series of ads and a lot of information presented in a small, difficult to read text. This made it challenging for potentials to find the services they were interested in.

In addition to the public facing side of the website, Oswego County Federal Credit Union's previous credit union website design made it difficult to make updates to their promotions, services and market-based interest rates. 

ACS Web Design & SEO delivered a custom, responsive credit union website design solution for Oswego County Federal Credit Union. Discover details about the project below.

A Professional Credit Union Website Design

Oswego County FCU's previous website design appeared cluttered, featuring a series of advertisements and a large amount of information with difficult to read typography. 

ACS Web Design & SEO delivered a professional credit union website design solution, providing a positive first impression for new and existing credit union members. The new website features an improved site structure with highly visible text and an easy to use navigation that makes it easy for people to find information about the services they're interested in.

credit union website design oswego fcu by acs inc web design and seo

Promotion Management System

Oswego County Federal Credit Union's previous website had a disjointed look and feel that made the site appear like a series of irrelevant web ads.

To address these concerns, the new credit union website design created by ACS features a promotion management system. This promotion management system presents Oswego County FCU's limited time offers and seasonal promotions in a way that instills trust in current and potential members, while effectively highlighting fluctuating promotions. 

Oswego County FCU's new, improved credit union website design is also powered by the ACS Edge CMS. This allows authorized site administrators to easily, quickly and securely change images and text in the promotions area. Oswego County FCU's new promotion management system delivers a flexible solution to provide high visibility messaging for limited time offers and seasonal product or service marketing efforts. 

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credit union website design 3rd party integration for oswego fcu from acs inc web design and seo

Secure 3rd Party Integrations

When Oswego County FCU began its partnership with ACS, the credit union already had existing technologies for essential online banking activities, such as online banking for reviewing account transactions, loan applications and an ATM locator.

ACS successfully carried over these 3rd party resources in a secure manner. In addition to allowing for user friendly access to these essential online banking services, ACS improved how these 3rd party services are presented on These design optimizations make it easier for current and potential members to find the specific services they're looking for

credit union web design speed bump system oswego fcu by acs inc web design and seo

Compliant Speed Bump System

Per industry regulations, websites for banks and credit unions must notify web users when a link leads them to a different site. Our experienced developers and web designers integrated a regulation compliant speed bump system that generates clear-to-see messaging when someone clicks on a link that will lead them to a different site. 

If you have a banking website or credit union website, your site is legally required to have a speed bump system that warns people when they click on a link that will send them to another site.

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Humanizing A Business With A Company Directory

Financial decisions aren't about numbers or budgets; they're about making personal goals reality, making a house a family home and empowering families to live the life that makes them happy. Because of the nature and often long term commitments that come with banking, loans and other credit union services, building trust is important for turning potentials in to members. 

Oswego County Federal Credit Union's new website design helps current and potential members put a face to a business. This makes potentials more comfortable with doing business with Oswego County Federal Credit Union. 

Oswego County FCU's credit union website design features a full company directory, with staff photos, branch information and individual job titles so potential members can know who they may be working with at their local branch. 

credit union website design company directory oswego fcu from acs inc web design and seo

Secure, Efficient Editing of Savings & Loan Rates

Markets are fluid, which means that loan rates and other interest rates are subject to change. Beyond compliance concerns, having  up-to-date rates is essential for a successful credit union website. Outdated rates can cause customer confusion and lost leads. 

Oswego County FCU's previous website required roundabout, time consuming means to changing public facing loan rates and savings rates. Oswego County FCU's new site makes it easy for authorized site administrators to quickly update loan rates and other rates. This provides necessary flexibility for a credit union website. 

credit union web design edit rates oswego fcu from acs inc web design and seo

A Content Management System (CMS) Custom For Credit Union Needs

If your business isn't changing in even small ways, your business is likely not growing. All forward thinking businesses need the ability to adapt. This is especially true for credit unions and banks, with changing industry regulations, fluctuating interest rates and seasonal swings affecting certain products or services.

Oswego County FCU's previous website was outdated, making it difficult and time consuming to make even seemingly small web updates. 

The new Oswego County FCU credit union website design solves the problems with the previous website, making it intuitive for site administrators to securely change site content as needed, including images, text and interest rates. 

ACS Web Design & SEO created a custom content management system (CMS) for Oswego County FCU that satisfies the unique needs of a credit union. Authorized Oswego County FCU staff can now update rates and other site content in an efficient, easy-to-use manner. 

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credit union website design cms oswego fcu by acs inc web design and seo

Responsive Website Design

The days of desktop dominance are dead. While people still use desktops and laptops at work and in certain situations, industry research has proven that the majority of website traffic is now coming from mobile devices. 

People are increasingly preferring to go online through smartphones, tablets, smart watches and more. If your organization's website isn't reflecting this change, you're at a competitive disadvantage. Because so many people are going online through so many devices, a website needs to look and work equally well on all devices. If a website isn't made for all devices, the site can be harder to use on smaller screens, creating frustration for potentials and lost leads. This is especially true for banks and credit unions, where people have a need to check account balances and do other banking activities while on the go.

The new Oswego County FCU website features a responsive website design, meaning that it's designed to look and function flawlessly on all devices. 

If your website isn't made with a responsive website design, you're losing opportunities. All ACS Web Design & SEO web design projects are completed with a responsive website design.

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