Credit Union Web Design

Auburn Community Federal Credit Union (2017)

The Project

Auburn Community Federal Credit Union has been providing credit union services for over 80 years. Auburn Community FCU partnered with ACS Web Design & SEO to provide a more modern look and feel for their credit union website. Auburn Community Federal Credit Union's original website featured a dated website design that made important services look like obtrusive advertisements. Because of this, ACS aimed to provide a responsive website design that featured a user experience that's aligned with modern web users' expectations, properly highlighting important services. The new Auburn Community FCU website also needed to make it easy for site administrators to easily update website content, particularly savings and loan rates. Auburn Community FCU also required the ability to highlight new promotions, as well as being able to easily change these promotions to align with the organization's evolving marketing efforts. Third-party financial calculators needed to be carried over from the existing website as well.


The Solution

ACS Web Design & SEO delivered a professional credit union website design that fulfilled Auburn Community FCU's goals for their website redesign. In addition a clean, professional and modern look and feel, the new Auburn Community FCU website features a responsive website design. This responsive website design ensures that Auburn Community FCU's website looks and functions flawlessly from any device, such as smart phones, tablets and desktops. The new credit union web design provides the proper attention for important credit union services, using web design best practices to highlight these services. Auburn Community FCU's new website is powered by The ACS Edge CMS, allowing site administrators to efficiently and easily add, edit and remove website content, including quick ways to change savings and loan rates. The new credit union web design also features a dedicated section for new promotions, allowing Auburn Community FCU to update their promotions when their marketing strategies change. ACS also successfully integrated Auburn Community FCU's third-party financial calculators. These third-party financial calculators integrate complex financial calculations, featuring a presentation that's within Auburn Community FCU's branding guidelines. 

responsive credit union website design for auburn community fcu from acs inc web design and seoResponsive Web Design

More and more, people are relying on their phones and other mobile devices to access information they're looking for online. This is especially true for banks and credit unions.

Millions of people in the U.S. are using mobile banking, and those numbers are steadily increasing as each year passes. A 2016 study found that 62% of Americans say banking online is their primary banking method. The growing importance of a responsive website design for banks and credit unions highlights the fact that these institutions that don't have a responsive website design are at a competitive disadvantage. As more consumers get accustomed to checking their balance, transferring funds between accounts and making loan payments online, banks and credit unions that lack a responsive website design risk falling out of favor with current and potential members. 

image of user on mobile viewing federal credit union websiteThe new Auburn Community Federal Credit Union website design features a responsive website design. This means that the site is made to look and work equally well on mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops. 

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Easy, Efficient Rate Updates & Content Edits

Rapid economic changes and public policy can quickly cause increases or decreases to interest rates for savings accounts and loans. Because of this, banks and credit unions need the ability to change their online, public savings and loan rates to reflect these market fluctuations. Credit unions and banks need to be able to change the rates on their website on short notice. The inability to do so can cause confusion and potential lost leads, as well as compliance and regulation headaches. 

Auburn Community Federal Credit Union's website features The ACS Edge CMS. This Content Management System (CMS) allows site administrators to securely and efficiently update interest rates on a moments notice. 

As well as being able to update interest rates, Auburn Community Federal Credit Union's website empowers site administrators to control their websites content. From the ability to easily change seasonal promotions, to adding, editing and removing content, The ACS Edge CMS lets Auburn Community FCU edit their website's content without needing any knowledge of coding languages. 

credit union website design rate updates from acs inc web design and seo for auburn community fcu

copywriting for credit union website design from acs inc web design and seoProfessional Copywriting 

ACS Web Design & SEO's professional copywriters crafted effective content for all service pages on Auburn Community Federal Credit Union's new website. Our experienced copywriters developed content that is optimized to achieve high, valuable positioning on search engines, as well as generate leads. This keyword focused service page copy was developed by professional content marketers who have experience writing for banking and credit union clients. In addition to this professionally developed website content being SEO-friendly and made for generating leads, Auburn Community FCU's service pages were created within branding guidelines, providing an accurate and inspiring online representation of our client's brand.

ACS' professional copywriters have experience writing for a variety of organizations, including regulation-heavy industries. Our copywriters are versatile and experienced in adapting their style and delivery to meet each client's desired voice and branding. 

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Third Party Integration of Complex Financial Calculators

Auburn Community Federal Credit Union's previous website included third party financial calculators for a range of financial questions and scenarios. This included financial calculators for home financing, personal finance, investments, retirement planning and leasing. ACS Web Design & SEO successfully migrated Auburn Community FCU's third party financial calculators to their new credit union website design. ACS also improved upon the presentation of these financial calculators, including adding SEO copy to achieve high positioning on search engines for common financial questions. Auburn Community FCU's third party financial calculators also comply with the credit union's branding and marketing funnel.

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credit union website design financial calculator integration from acs inc web design and seo