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Gasparini Fence Company (2016)

How you look matters. First impressions are 94% design related, according to industry research. For companies where aesthetics are a central part of their service, a good first impression matters even more.

Gasparini Fence Company helps homeowners beautify their properties with a variety of offered fence styles for their yards, pools and other outdoor property. 

Gasparini Fence Company partnered with ACS Web Design & SEO for their new website design. The new site aimed to properly highlight Gasparini Fence Company's various services, including a photo gallery for each service to exemplify the company's capabilities. The new site also needed to allow for site administrators to easily make site edits. Gasparini Fence Company's new site also required a responsive web design that would look and function equally well on all devices, such as phones, tablets and computers.

A Web Design That Inspires Confidence in Potentials

The new Gasparini Fence Company website design inspires confidence in potential clients. The website design's beauty reflects the quality craftsmanship that potential clients can expect from Gasparini Fence Company. Gasparini Fence Company's quality work is an essential element to the website's design, as the first image people see when entering the website includes a fence that was installed by Gasparini Fence Company.

The site's focus on visuals also makes a clear and easy to understand distinction from one product to the next. 


contractor website design for gasparini fence company from acs web design and seo

Made for Lead Generation Growth

The new Gasparini Fence Company website is optimized to generate online leads, integrating usability best practices that naturally progress potentials through the sales funnel process. Gasparini Fence Company's website features a custom, above-the-fold Call-To-Action (CTA). This custom CTA allows Gasparini Fence Company to easily and efficiently align the primary focus of their website with their seasonal sales goals. 

In addition to strategic placement of CTAs, lead generation growth is highly measurable and trackable due to advanced call and lead tracking integration. All online leads generated through the Gasparini Fence Company website are tracked, allowing for growth comparisons to inform marketing strategies moving forward. 

This advanced call and lead tracking includes Click-to-Call functionality and tracking. This Click-to-Call tracking allows website visitors on phones or tablets to click on a phone number on the Gasparini Fence Company website to initiate a phone call. These website phone leads are then tracked to identify when and where these leads came from.

contractor website design made for lead generation by acs web design and seo

Service Page Photo Gallery

It's always better to show rather than tell, especially with aesthetically driven services such as fence installation. Gasparini Fence Company's new website shows their expertise with service page photo galleries. 

Each individual service page features an associated photo gallery on Gasparini Fence Company's new website. For example, the PVC Fencing service page includes a photo gallery of PVC fences installed by Gasparini Fence Company, while the Chain Link Fencing service page highlights photos of chain link fences installed by Gasparini Fence Company. 

Gasparini Fence Company's service page photo gallery exemplifies their wide range of expertise, assuring customers that Gasparini Fence Company is experienced in meeting the unique needs of any customer.

contractor website design service gallery from acs web design and seo

Testimonial Management System

Gasparini Fence Company has been a relied upon fence installation company for 35+ years. Throughout the years, the company has acquired many satisfied clients. The new Gasparini Fence Company website highlights this satisfactory service with a testimonial management system.

The testimonial management system allows authorized site administrators to easily and quickly add, edit or remove specific testimonials. In addition to managing the testimonials on the website, Gasparini Fence Company's website integrates testimonials throughout. This ensures that regardless of which page someone visits, potential clients can't miss positive reviews of Gasparini Fence Company. 

contractor website design testimonial management from acs web design and seo

Custom Content Management System

Gasparini Fence Company's website is powered by The ACS Edge Content Management System (CMS). The ACS Edge CMS empowers authorized site administrators to securely and intuitively add, edit or remove website text, images or videos. Site administrators can efficiently update service page photo galleries, change website copy and more. The ACS Edge CMS is also made to be easy-to-use for people of any skill level.

Whether you're a code pro or an internet novice, The ACS Edge CMS makes it easy and simple to make website updates. To learn how we can help make updating your website easier with The ACS Edge CMS...

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Responsive Website Design

The Gasparini Fence Company website design was made using a responsive website design. This means that the site is made to work equally well on all devices, including phones, tablets and computers.

More than 60% of all web traffic already comes from mobile devices. That number is predicted to continue to grow. As more and more people prefer to go online through phones and tablets, if your website doesn't feature a responsive website design, you're at a competitive disadvantage. 

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