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Infitec, Inc.

When you need a catalog website that details offered products and allows customers to request a quote for one or several products, ACS Web Design and SEO is the trusted partner. ACS created a custom catalog website for Infitec, Inc. 

Infitec, Inc. offers industrial control products. ACS designed and developed a catalog website that provides the highly specific product information that Infitec, Inc. customers need, while also making it quick and easy to find exactly what a customer is looking for. 

The Infitec, Inc. website also includes a custom application form, allowing customers who need a customized product to provide the necessary specifics to get what they need. 

With custom product filters, product category and product detail pages as well as an easy way to find regional sales representatives and distributors, the Infitec, Inc. catalog website is built for sales growth and an intuitive customer experience.

Discover details about the Infitec, Inc. catalog website below.  

Custom Catalog Website with Product Category Pages

The Infitec, Inc. website features customized product categories. This makes it easy for customers to find the types of products they need. The product category index page showcases different types of industrial controls. These product categories then funnel customers to specific products within a category. This makes for an intuitive customer experience that's optimized for generating sales.

Get a custom catalog website with product categories that convert interested potentials to leads. 

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catalog website screenshot of product category page on infitec by acs web design and seo

Custom Catalog Website with Product Detail Pages

Product detail pages are an essential element of a product catalog website. Infitec, Inc.'s product detail pages include important information about the specific product. This includes detailed data sheets, a valuable resource for Infitec, Inc. customers who are purchasing industrial controls which must meet their exact specifications.

Infitec, Inc.'s product detail pages also include easy and obvious ways to request a quote, including the ability to add multiple products to a quote list. 

Infitec, Inc. product detail pages also highlight related products, making it easy for customers to find comparable or compatible products. 

Get your custom catalog website with product detail pages that include the information your customers need to be confident in a purchasing decision. 

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catalog website screenshot of product detail page on infitec by acs web design and seo

Catalog Website with Custom Product Filters

Product filters make it quick and easy for customers to sort products by features that are only relevant for their needs. This makes it quicker for customers to find what they need, simplifying purchasing decisions.

The analysts at ACS leveraged their knowledge of Infitec, Inc.'s inventory to create custom product filters that make sense for their business. 

Add custom product filters to your catalog website with ACS Web Design and SEO.

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catalog website screenshot of custom product filters for infitec inc from acs web design and seo

A Custom Catalog Website That Makes It Easy for Customers to Connect with Regional Sales Representatives and Distributors

Depending on what customers want and how they want to acquire it, many of Infitec, Inc.'s customers work with sales representatives and/or distributors. The Infitec, Inc. website features an improved index of regional sales representatives and distributors. 

Infitec, Inc. customers can filter by sales representatives only, distributors only or both. Customers can also filter further by region, such as state. The reps and distributors index also includes contact information for each. This makes it easy for Infitec, Inc. customers to connect with local reps and/or distributors.


catalog website screenshot of reps and distributors index page on infitec inc by acs web design and seo

Catalog Website with Custom Application Form

Infitec, Inc. sells industrial control products. Because of this, their customers often need products that meet exact specifications and satisfy certain standards. To respond to this need, ACS Web Design and SEO developed an improved custom application form. This custom application form allows customers to provide the exact details on what they need. 

If your website needs a custom form, partner with ACS Web Design and SEO.

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catalog website screenshot of custom application from for infitec inc by acs web design and seo

With an SEO Site Structure, ACS Creates Custom Catalog Websites That Make You Among The First Choices for People Looking to Buy What You Sell

The experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysts and SEO copywriters at ACS integrated a keyword focused site structure throughout the improved Infitec, Inc. catalog website. This empowers Infitec, Inc. to be among the first choices when people are searching online for the products that Infitec, Inc. sells.

The experienced SEO professionals at ACS have a record of results in achieving 1st place and 1st page positions on search engines for keywords that are important for our clients' goals. 

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A Custom Catalog Website with a Responsive Website Design

Over 60% of all online activity now comes from mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. Over 70% of all Google searches now come from mobile devices, and Google search results on mobile devices prioritize sites that are made to function and look right on mobile devices. 

The data makes it clear that businesses that don't have a website that's made for all devices are at a competitive disadvantage. Websites that aren't made for all devices provide a poor user experience for a significant portion of potential customers or clients. This poor user experience pushes otherwise interested potentials to take their business elsewhere.  

Infitec, Inc., like all website designs by ACS, is made with a personalized, responsive website design. A responsive website design means that the site is made to look and work equally well on all devices, including mobile devices like phones and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers. Responsive website design is also more cost effective than having to pay for one mobile website and a separate website for desktops and laptops. 

Maximize your company's online opportunities for growth with a responsive website design that's built for you. 

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Secure, Simple Inventory Management and Website Updates with a Catalog Website Powered by a Content Management System

The Infitec, Inc. website is powered by a Content Management System (CMS) that makes website updates a secure and efficient process. Infitec, Inc. authorized administrators can add, edit or remove pages, including modifying, adding and removing product inventory. All of this is possible without having to know computer coding languages. 

When your website design is made by ACS Web Design and SEO, gone are the days of playing phone tag with developers and waiting weeks for simple updates to go live to your site. With our Content Management Systems, if you know how to write an email, you'll have no problem making secure updates to your site.

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