SEO Analyst

We're looking to hire and develop our next SEO specialist. Some experience is necessary for this position but we recognize that the skills needed to be successful in this position can be taught to the right candidate. Are you that person?

  • A natural problem-solver with a deep understanding of the Internet. You have an innate sense of intellectual curiosity that drives your need to be constantly learning and taking on new challenges.
  • A self starter; someone who doesn’t require handholding. We're looking for someone who is able to assess a situation, develop a plan, get approval and run with it.
  • You have strong communication skills. You will have to interact with the different departments both within ACS, with the client company as well as with independent contractors. Are you able to communicate strategies and their success to a variety of different audiences and skill sets?
  • Motivated to improve: The ideal candidate will have a passion to continue to research ways to improve their knowledge base and grow as technology changes. When approached with a challenge, are you driven to find a solution until you've solved it? That's the person want want to join our team.

What is the job all about?

The SEO Specialist will interact with members of sales, marketing, web developers, external clients and independent contractors to apply industry standard and ethical SEO techniques, including but not limited to, keyword analysis, competitive analysis, optimization of content, optimization of meta tags, link building and site submission. Additionally, he/she will leverage social media to communicate with our client base, build trust, and foster a community.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop and direct SEO strategy and implementation.
  • Hands-on optimization; improving site structure, page construction, content, keyword lists, and SEO copywriting.
  • Management of SEO campaigns; generating ranking reports, conducting site audits, launching microsites, etc.
  • Utilize Google analytics data and other usability tools to improve visitor experience and lead conversion.
  • Posting, monitoring and managing corporate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia and other social media accounts.

Website Analysis: Review and analyze client sites for areas that need to improved, deleted, revamped, etc.; prepare detailed SEO strategy reports.

Keyword Analysis and Research: In-depth knowledge of keyword research. This includes knowing how to identify the least inexpensive, yet most profitable keywords for client sites – whether they are running a pay per click (PPC) campaign, or want to improve their organic search results.

SEO Copywriting: Understanding and SEO writing guidelines, eg, where to place keywords in copy so that it gets the most SE traffic, how to write effective headlines and how to write effective call-to-action statements. SEO specialists are also responsible for creating (or overseeing the creation) of original SEO content for client sites.

Presenting new ideas: Present marketing strategies and SEO techniques to web developers, sales members and project managers that will increase organic traffic and improving a client’s SERP rankings.

Social Media posting, monitoring and managing: Create and maintain social media for ACS as well as select clients using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia and other social media resources.

Candidate experience will directly determine salary:

You may not be familiar with all these concepts. The more you know, the faster we can train you. Some talents can't be taught. We'll train the right candidate with the expectation that he/she will continue to increase they're skills on their own and continue to add value to the ACS team and themselves.

  • Proven track record of growing organic traffic. Ability to show top rankings gained or maintained for competitive keywords and/or demonstrate how candidate significantly increased SEO traffic to a corporate site.
  • Proficient with SEO reporting and analytical tools, including Google Analytics.
  • Experience with link building campaigns and brainstorming creative ways for link acquisition.
  • Website architecture and development experience including HTML/CSS and content management systems a plus.
  • Knowledge of all basic SEO factors that influence results including but not limited to:
    • Link building
    • Keyword research
    • On page and title tag optimization
    • Localized keyword optimization strategies

Annual Compensation Range:  $50,000 - $70,000 

ACS, a website design and web application company in Liverpool, NY, is looking for an SEO specialist to join our team. We’re going on our 13th year and with over 100 clients we are growing quickly. This is a full time, on location, entry level position with room for advancement. Benefit package available.

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