Shopping Simplified: Green Mountain Food Service Launches New eCommerce Site

If a time-sensitive sale is promoted after the promotion’s ended, it can cause problems. Customers are confused and frustrated and business owners are faced with making it right. Websites that don’t allow for quick site updates can make it impractical to provide popular offers.

Before their new website design was launched, Green Mountain Food Service could update monthly sales, but making these updates required an inefficient process. ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO is excited to announce the launch of the new Green Mountain Food Service eCommerce website, allowing site administrators to update monthly sales in just a few clicks.

The Project

Green Mountain Food Service partnered with ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO to better highlight Green Mountain Food Services’ monthly specials. As well as providing greater visibility for their monthly deals, Green Mountain Food Service needed their new website to make it easy to update these monthly deals. The new Green Mountain Food Service website also needed to work equally well on mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops, and required email marketing integrations to allow customers to sign up for a mailing list.

ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO provided Green Mountain Food Service with a mobile-friendly eCommerce solution. This eCommerce solution allows Green Mountain Food Service to not only quickly update monthly specials, but it also allows site administrators to securely update products and other site content. Our team of internet marketing professionals also integrated a secure mailing list signup form on Green Mountain Food Services’ new website.

Discover details about the new Green Mountain Food Service website by viewing our portfolio entry.

A Professional eCommerce Solution

Today, almost anyone can open an online store. However, amateur eCommerce solutions aren’t built to use the web to its full potential. As a result, DIY eCommerce solutions often end up being virtually invisible online, resulting in anemic sales.

ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO provided a professional eCommerce solution for the new Green Mountain Food Service website. The site features SEO-friendly information architecture, providing increased online visibility. Additionally, Green Mountain Food Service’s website allows customers to place items in a shopping list, which can then be printed online and used in-store.

If you’re looking to sell online, contact us for a secure, mobile-friendly eCommerce solution.

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