Bank Website Design

Fulton Savings Bank (2020)

In response to pressure to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations regarding bank website design, Fulton Savings Bank partnered with ACS Web Design and SEO to upgrade their website. 

In addition to making the bank website design ADA compliant, the upgraded Fulton Savings Bank website needed specific features both for compliance and business growth goals. 

For compliance, the site needed loan and savings rates that can be easily updated to have current rates. The upgraded website also needed a "speed bump" system for compliance, showing a warning message to website visitors who click on links that lead to other sites.

The upgraded Fulton Savings Bank website also needed features for business growth goals that both existed on their previous website as well as new features. This included a simple way for visitors to get directions to ATMs and branches, financial calculator integration and a custom alert system for high urgency messages. The upgraded Fulton Savings Bank website also needed a responsive website design to ensure a user friendly look and feel on all devices. In addition, the site needed a secure and efficient means for website updates. 

ACS Web Design and SEO fulfilled all of Fulton Savings Bank's project goals, including compliance features and bank website design elements that are important for continued growth. 

Discover details about the custom Fulton Savings Bank website design below.

ADA Compliant Bank Website Design

ada compliant bank website design image of accessibility key on keyboard to visually represent website accessibility

As litigation and enforcement related to ADA website design regulations has significantly increased in recent years, Fulton Savings Bank recognized a need to upgrade their bank website design to avoid potentially costly litigation or noncompliance penalties. 

The experienced team at ACS Web Design and SEO created a custom bank website design that is built for ADA compliance. In addition to our team's knowledge and experience in building ADA compliant websites, ACS was able to test the Fulton Savings Bank website for ADA compliance prior to website launch. As part of this compliance testing, ACS provided Fulton Savings Bank with documentation to prove to regulators that Fulton Savings Bank has performed their due diligence for accessibility regulation compliance. 

A website needs to be designed and developed to meet very specific standards in order to satisfy ADA website design regulations. ACS has been building custom, ADA compliant websites for years. You can trust our team to know what's included in ADA website compliance, and to get the job done. 

Accessibility regulations for websites apply to all organizations that provide goods and services. Don't wait until you're hit with a lawsuit or noncompliance penalties.

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Bank Website Design with a Compliant Speed Bump System

Banks and credit unions are required to warn website visitors when a link on their site leads people to a different site. ACS Web Design and SEO created a user friendly "speed bump" system that complies with these requirements. 

People trust their bank's website; however, banks and credit unions have no control over the security of the sites that they link to. For compliance and security, if your bank or credit union doesn't have a speed bump system for off site links, you risk being on the wrong side of regulators.

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bank website design speedbump system warning of  leaving bank website to third party website when link clicked for fulton savings bank by acs web design and seo

Bank Website Design with an Easy, Secure Way to Keep Advertised Savings & Loan Rates Current & Accurate

bank website design mortgage rates chart for fulton savings bank by acs web design and seo

For compliance, banks and credit unions must keep their loan and savings rates current and accurate. The Fulton Savings Bank upgraded website makes it secure and easy for authorized site administrators to update savings and loan rates. These rates can be updated without having to know computer coding languages. 

Partner with ACS to make it secure and simple to update your bank or credit union's advertised rates on your website.

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Bank Website Design with an Intuitive ATM Locator

When bank or credit union account holders need access to cash, such a simple need should be readily accessible. Recognizing this, ACS Web Design and SEO created an interactive map that allows Fulton Savings Bank account holders to quickly and easily locate nearby surcharge-free ATMs. This interactive map also sorts ATMs by nearest location. 

Making account holders' lives a little easier not only helps with retention, but also shows potential customers how easy it would be to access their money if they were to open an account with your financial institution. 

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bank website design find an atm interactive map display of nearby atms by distance for fulton savings bank by acs web design and seo

Bank Website Design with an Easy Way to Find Branches

Being able to quickly and easily find the nearest branch is essential for both current and potential bank customers. People need to know that their bank is convenient to get to. 

To reflect existing and potential customer needs, ACS created a bank website design for Fulton Savings Bank that makes it easy to find a branch. Branches are sorted by nearest distance and displayed on a map. The Fulton Savings Bank website also clearly highlights important branch information, such as hours of operation, location, phone number and an easy way to get driving directions. If people need more information about a specific branch, the Fulton Savings Bank website makes it easy to access dedicated branch location pages. 

Making it easier to find a branch makes it easier for current and potential customers to do business with a bank or credit union. To upgrade your bank website design with convenient branch information...

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bank website design list of nearby fulton savings bank branches sorted by distance by acs web design and seo

Bank Website Design with Financial Calculator Integration

bank website design screenshot example of loan calculator on fulton savings bank integrated by acs web design and seo

When it comes to financial decisions, numbers matter. To inspire purchasing decisions that consumers can be confident in, ACS integrated financial calculators on the upgraded Fulton Savings Bank website.

These financial calculators include loan calculators, which can help potential loan applicants make informed decisions. ACS successfully integrated a user friendly loan calculator on the upgraded Fulton Savings Bank bank website design. 

Does your credit union or bank website design need financial calculators? Trust ACS to integrate easy to use financial calculators on your website.

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Bank Website Design with Online Loan Application Integration

A secure and simple online loan application can make the difference between potential loan applicants choosing your financial institution over another. Without an online loan application, just the process of preparing a loan application can be more complicated than some people are willing to deal with. Between downloading offline applications, printing the application, filling out the application, figuring out how, who and where to send the application and chasing down necessary documents, an online loan application simplifies the loan application process.

ACS successfully integrated online loan applications on the upgraded Fulton Savings Bank website. This makes it easier for potential loan applicants to choose Fulton Savings Bank.

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bank website design image of man on computer smiling to visually represent online loan application for fulton savings bank by acs web design and seo

Bank Website Design with Custom Alert System for High Urgency Information

bank website design screenshot example of alert system featuring important covid-19 information about branch lobby access for fulton savings bank

When you need to get the word out to current and potential bank customers, a can't-miss alert system on your website can help. ACS created a custom alert system for Fulton Savings Bank. This creates an alert at the top of every page of the Fulton Savings Bank website, providing highly visible messaging for important notices. 

From emergency office closings to changes in procedures and more, adding an alert system to your bank website design makes it easy to communicate urgent messages. You can also easily turn your alert system on and off, so if there's no urgent, timely information at a given time, the alert system won't display on your website. 

To add an alert system to your website...

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Bank Website Design with an SEO Migration to Maintain and Build Upon Online Visibility

We've seen it too often with clients who choose to go with other website design companies. You're excited about launching a new website, but that excitement fades to disappointment and frustration after experiencing a noticeable decline in online leads after website launch. This is the result of failing to account for a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) migration.

An SEO migration is essential to prevent major losses for the positions on search engines that your website has achieved over the years. Failing to account for an SEO migration can also cause broken links, leading to confusion and lost opportunities.

ACS Web Design and SEO successfully performed an SEO migration for Fulton Savings Bank. With ACS, SEO migration is standard for all of our clients who have existing websites. That means that your new website helps you generate new business, rather than causing a decline in leads. 

Build upon your online visibility with ACS Web Design and SEO.

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bank website design screenshot of google search results for fulton savings bank displaying site links to indicate appropriate positioning on search engines

Bank Website Design Made with a Custom, Responsive Website Design

Over 60% of all online activity now comes from mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. If your website isn't made to look and functional equally well on all devices, you're at a competitive disadvantage. 

A responsive website design ensures that a website looks and works equally well on all devices, including phones and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers. Without a responsive website design, anyone who goes to your website from a mobile device may have a frustrating and confusing experience. Unintentional clicks and illegible text are common problems on sites that are accessed on mobile devices that aren't designed for these devices. This poor user experience often drives otherwise interested potentials to take their business elsewhere.

The Fulton Savings Bank website, like all website designs made by ACS, is made with a custom, responsive website design. This ensures an ideal experience for current and potential customers regardless of which device they use to get online. 

If your website doesn't use a responsive website design, you could be losing more opportunities than you may know.

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bank website design image of fulton savings bank website on multiple devices

Website Updates Are Quick, Easy and Secure with a Bank Website Design Powered by The ACS Edge Content Management System

Updating your website should be a simple and secure process. Too often, companies that work with other web design agencies find it nearly impossible to make what should be simple changes to their website. 

There is a better way.

Fulton Savings Bank is powered by the ACS Edge Content Management System (CMS). With the ACS Edge CMS, authorized site administrators can add, edit or remove text, images and entire pages on their website. Making these changes is possible without having any knowledge of computer coding languages. 

To make it easier to update your website...

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bank website design image of person working on computer and making website edits with the acs content management system