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Your website is a lot like a car.

A car can be very "you," aesthetically and exactly what you need for its time. But with age comes the need for new features.

Your tape player needs to be upgraded to a CD player or Aux port; your once state-of-the-art heating and cooling system now seems dated compared to heated seats; a window crank that once seemed convenient is slow and more effort than it's worth when compared to the ease of newer models.

That's similar to the problems Beardsley Architects + Engineers faced with their website. While Beardsley Architects + Engineers liked their existing website overall, the website wasn't made for ease of use on today's mobile devices, and was difficult to make website edits with compared to today's streamlined content management system (CMS) technology.

Understanding these concerns, Beardsley Architects + Engineers partnered with ACS Web Design & SEO for a website redesign.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Beardsley Architects + Engineers website.

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A Website Design Made for Today's Devices

Beardsley Architects + Engineers' website was made with a responsive website design. This means that the website looks and functions equally well on all devices, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Having a website that looks and works equally well on all devices is essential for any business that's looking to remain competitive today. Over 60% of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Additionally, more than 70% of all Google searches now come from mobile devices.

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Secure, Simple Website Editing with The ACS Edge CMS

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In addition to upgrading to a responsive website design, the Beardsley Architects + Engineers website needed to make it easier for site administrators to make changes to website content, such as text and images.

The Beardsley Architects + Engineers website is powered by The ACS Edge Content Management System (CMS). The ACS Edge CMS makes website updates secure and intuitive. Websites like Beardsley Architects + Engineers', which are powered by The ACS Edge CMS, allow site administrators to quickly and securely make changes to website content with no need to send requests to developers or to know computer code.

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Beardsley Architects + Engineers' website design features a company directory, a mobile-friendly, responsive website design, a custom Content Management System (CMS) and more.

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