Industrial Web Design


The Project:

Anoplate, Inc., based in Syracuse, NY, is an established industrial metal finishing company. Anoplate, Inc. partnered with ACS Web Design & SEO to modernize Anoplate’s website. As well as an updated aesthetic, the new aimed to improve usability. Anoplate’s extensive services required intuitive information architecture to make it easy for clients to find what they’re looking for. Anoplate’s modernized website redesign also needed to accurately represent the company’s established branding. Anoplate staff also needed to be able to easily update site content, allowing for various departments to manage their online resource. The new website also needed to make part of Anoplate’s business automated or more accessible through the integration of specialized custom online forms. Integrated customer portals and a stronger showcasing of Anoplate’s market expertise were also desirable for the new Anoplate website.

The Solution:

ACS Web Design & SEO delivered a mobile-friendly website redesign that maintains Anoplate’s established branding while simplifying site navigation. Our team of usability experts, analysts and SEO gurus developed a site structure that makes content easy to find for people as well as search engine robots. In addition, Anoplate’s new site features a custom Google search, making sought after information easily accessible. The new Anoplate website also includes the fully featured, secure ACS Edge CMS, allowing Anoplate’s site administrators to edit and add site content. The ACS Edge CMS also accommodates for quick editing of site content that impacts SEO, making Anoplate ready for the fast changing search landscape. Our team of experienced developers successfully integrated secure customer portals on the new, and created specialized forms to achieve Anoplate’s automation goals, including Request A Quote forms. The new site also features dedicated landing pages that highlights Anoplate’s market expertise in multiple industries. Additionally, Anoplate’s new website features a company directory that makes it easy to find information about Anoplate staff, allowing visitors to find contact information for staff members by department. A custom alert system was also added to the new Anoplate website, keeping clients and vendors informed about the latest developments at Anoplate.

Responsive Website Design

ACS Web Design & SEO redesigned the new with a responsive website design, making the site’s look and functionality equally impressive on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops and laptops. The new site was designed within Anoplate’s branding standards while improving upon their existing site’s capabilities.

web design for anoplate responsive website design by acs web design and seo

SEO Migration

ACS Web Design & SEO provided expert support in terms of information architecture, making information easily accessible for site visitors as well as being optimized for achieving high positioning on search engines for relevant keywords. With Anoplate’s aging site having years of earned positioning on search engines, our team of SEO professionals performed a successful SEO migration, ensuring Anoplate maintained and built upon its existing positioning on search engines.

web design for anoplate inc seo migration by acs web design and seo

Online Branding

Being that Anoplate has been doing business for over 50 years, Anoplate’s website redesign needed to capture the mature branding that’s been developed throughout the years to keep Anoplate’s online presence consistent with its existing branding and messaging. The new Anoplate website was designed within the company’s established branding guidelines while still providing an updated look and feel.

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web design for anoplate inc online branding by acs web design and seo

Content Management System

Anoplate's previous website was difficult to manage, featuring an exhaustive and roundabout process for editing and adding site content. Anoplate's new website is powered by the ACS Edge CMS, allowing site administrators to intuitively edit and add site content. The ACS Edge CMS allows Anoplate staff to manage resources relevant to their respective departments, empowering Anoplate to keep their website content current. With the ACS Edge CMS, Anoplate can securely and quickly edit, add and remove site content.

web design for anoplate inc CMS by acs web design and seo