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  • uber in syracuse ny

    What Does Uber in Syracuse, NY Mean for the Local Economy?

    Uber is a mobile app that connects people who need a ride with willing drivers. The convenience of the mobile app has made Uber in to a $50 billion company, according to valuations from CNN Money reports. However, Uber’s self-described ride sharing model has caused concern for many, including public policy makers, its traditional cab competitors, its drivers and its potential customers.…

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  • new credit card system - emv

    EMV: New Card Security Measures Affect Local Business

    A change is coming. It’s scheduled to affect every US consumer that uses credit or debit cards, and, in turn, every US business. Three letters, EMV, are fast becoming a part of business owners’ lexicon. With it comes confusion, regulations and, for some Syracuse, NY businesses, opportunity. What Is EMV? EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, the three companies who originally created the chip-based card reading technology. An example of cards that meet this standard can be seen below. …

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  • cynthia scott from OMC on Syracuse Woman cover

    OMC Financial Services’ Cynthia Scott Talks Entrepreneurship

    Cynthia Scott, pictured here on a 2014 cover of Syracuse Woman Magazine, delivered a speech on entrepreneurial success. At the intersection of entrepreneurship and investment is risk. Starting a business comes with the risk of failure; with investment, the risk of financial loss. Throughout her 30 year career, Cynthia Scott, owner of OMC Financial Services, has professionally thrived at this intersection, succeeding as an entrepreneur in investment management. On May 6, Cynthia shared some s…

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  • insurance web design in syracuse ny

    Are You Keeping Up? ENV Insurance Launches Site With New Features

    Some organizations can do it all. Some companies offer odd pairings like letting you buy pizza from the same place you buy dog collars. But successful businesses know to offer a wide variety of products and services that complement each other. ENV offers clients commercial and individual insurance brokering and financial services. ENV’s ability to surpass and satisfy various client needs meant ENV needed to empower potential and existing clients to easily find relevant, needed resources and inf…

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  • ecommerce website design in syracuse ny

    The 10 Second Rule: New Online Medical Shop Shows User-Friendliness’ Importance

    On average, people spend 10-20 seconds on a web page, according to Nielson Group research. Internet users’ impatience means your site needs to make finding things quick and easy. ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO did just that for Franciscan Companies’ online store.…

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