50 Must-See Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge Videos


The ALS Ice Bucket challenge, which raises awareness and funds for ALS research, has gone viral. Coinciding with its popularity are celebrity attempts at the ice bucket challenge. Considering ACS, Inc.’s recent post about the Ice Bucket Challenge’s effectiveness as an internet marketing campaign, it’s only right to show the best celebrity ice bucket challenge videos.

50. Kristen Stewart and Some Celebrities I Don’t Know Do Ice Bucket Challenge

This kinda looks like it hurts.

49. Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor Do a Duo Ice Bucket Challenge

I know who Ben Stiller is.

48. Joan Rivers’ Ice Bucket Challenge is Very Joan Rivers

Despite all the plastic, this is video evidence that Joan Rivers’ face can still sense hot or cold.

47. Britney Spears Does Ice Bucket Challenge, Reminds Internet She’s Still Famous

Until I found this video, I swore her first name was spelled differently.

46. Mark Wahlberg Does Ice Bucket Challenge With Children

“It’s weird thinking he used to be a rapper,” is what I think to myself whenever I see Mark Wahlberg do anything.

45. Adam Sandler Ice Bucket Challenge Is Good Enough to Resurrect the Dead

This video is the first post-90s thing starring Adam Sandler that you’d actually want to watch.

44. Jason Sudeikis Does The Thing with the Ice, Too

This video might make people think more of Jason Sudeikis than ‘that guy from SNL who’s pretty good but left.’

43. Russel Crowe Ice Bucket Challenge Includes a Hat

I haven’t seen Crowe that wet since Javert’s death scene. If you like Les Mis references, continue reading. If you don’t, still continue reading because there’s only one other Les Mis reference here.

42. Jimmy Kimmel Puts a Twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge

In this video, Kimmel solidifies himself as the comedian who has a show on TV but you just watch the highlights on YouTube. You’re funny, Jimmy, but some people have to work in the morning.

41. Jennifer Anniston Does the Ice Bucket Challenge, Wears Hipster Glasses

This is honestly the first time I’ve watched anything with Jennifer Anniston in it since Bruce Almighty.

40. Anne Hathaway Dreams of Dream of Ice Buckets

Hathaway’s ice bucket challenge is Oscar worthy.

39. John Mayer is a King of Peasants in This Ice Bucket Challenge

This video makes me think Mayer only sets down his guitar when coming into contact with water.

38. Zach Braff Provides the Greatest Still Shot in YouTube History

Zach Braff’s ice bucket challenge is the greatest thing since Scrubs.

37. Kermit the Frog’s Ice Bucket Challenge Will Make You Question Reality

Kermit is the only non-human I know doing the ice bucket challenge, and, in my book, that means Kermit has achieved human status. It’s inevitable that Kermit ascends to the presidency and fills the Cabinet with The Muppets.

36. Matt Damon’s Ice Bucket Challenge Wins

Matt “the Hat” Damon isn’t really nicknamed “the Hat.”

35. David Beckham Scores With This Ice Bucket Challenge

The cliche “You learn something new every day,” is so true. Today, I learned that David Beckham has a lot of tattoos.

34. Simon Cowell’s Ice Bucket Challenge is Colder Than His Critiques

William Hung might see this as karma for how cold Cowell was as he crushed his dreams.

33. Tom Cruise and Chris McQuarrie’s Bold Ice Bucket Challenge

This video is like when a clown pulls a seemingly infinite number of ties from their throat.

32. Robert Plant Rocks the Ice Bucket Challenge

Plant’s nominations alone make this video worth watching. Bonus points for Plant being surrounded by plants.

31. Donatella Versace’s Royal Ice Bucket Challenge

The fashion phenom accepts the ice bucket challenge in style.

30. Shaq’s Kind-of-Ice-Bucket Challenge

Shaq goes light on the ice in this video. At least he acts like he’s been doused in ice water, adding this video to Shaq’s legendary acting career alongside Shazam

29. Steve Harvey’s Near-Disastrous Ice Bucket Challenge

In this video we learn Steve Harvey apparently gets possessed by demons when coming into contact with water.

28. Hugh Jackman Does the Ice Bucket Challenge with a lot of people

Hugh Jackman’s facial hair is the real show stopper.

27. The Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge? Oprah’s A Contender

Unless her donation included a new car, I don’t believe this is really Oprah.

26. Benedict Cumberbatch’s LOL-inducing Ice Bucket Challenge

Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Cucumberpatch, Eggs Benedict You’retooattached. Whatever you call this guy, he did the thing with the ice and the bucket very well.

25. George R.R. Martin’s Ice Bucket Challenge Almost Goes Terribly Wrong

This may be the first time George R.R. Martin’s work hasn’t included the death of a fictional character.

24. Neil Gaiman Ice Bucket Challenge Shocks

“What does Neil Gaiman look like in his underwear?” asked no one ever. Gaiman answered.

23. Patrick Stewart Ice Bucket Challenge Wins the Internet

The classiest ice bucket challenge video to ever grace your eyeballs.

22. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Chris Pratt Adds LOLs to Your Day

I don’t know what I just watched.

21. You’ll Never Guess What Charlie Sheen Did For His Ice Bucket Challenge

Charlie Sheen adds this ice bucket challenge video to the list of things he’s known for, alongside Major League, Two and a Half Men, and saying “winning” in 2011.

20. Cypress Hill B Real Ice Bucket Challenge Has A Twist to It

B Real takes a water conserving ice bucket challenge.

19. Steven Spielberg Ice Bucket Challenge is a Must-Watch

Another Spielberg masterpiece.

18. Robert Downey Jr. Ice Bucket Challenge Wows

I guess this makes up for Tony Stark’s actions in Iron Man #273.

17. You’ll Never Guess Where Macklemore Did His Ice Bucket Challenge

Even those rambunctious rap kids do the thing with the water and the ice for the ALS charity.

16. J.J. Abrams Ice Bucket Challenge Is Cold

Star Wars fans will do something worse than dumping ice water on Abrams head if his addition to the series is subpar.

15. Martha Stewart Does the Ice Bucket Challenge The Only Way Martha Stewart Can

It’s good to see someone get out of jail and escape the cycle of returning.

14. New York Jets May Have Won the Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice bucket challenge purists, or Bills, Patriots and Dolphins fans, may take issue with the lack of bucket.

13. William Shatner Wows with Unique Bucket for ALS Ice Challenge

William Shatner wins the award for Greatest “Bucket” for the challenge.

12. Taylor Swift Impresses with Ice Bucket Challenge

Fun fact: all of the background participants are Taylor Swift’s exes. (Disclaimer: this fun fact is not a fact).

11. Stephen Colbert Shows No Regard for Fine Clothing in His Ice Bucket Challenge

Colbert proves his dedication to the ALS cause by wearing a fancy polo during his ice bucket challenge.

10. Which President Took the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Whether you like W’s politics or not, it’s an undeniable delight to see a former president join in the silly, but meaningful, trend.

9. Michael Jordan’s Wow-worthy Ice Bucket Challenge

Is it too easy to make a pun about ice and Jordan’s clutch talents? Apparently not, because I got nothing.

8. Verne Troyer Does the Boldest Ice Bucket Challenge Yet

What you’ll learn from this video: Verne Troyer is a revolutionary that makes Lenin look lazy. For his video, Troyer substituted water for milk.

7. Did Rob Pattinson Break the Rules?

The last two Twilight movies made $700 million, and we’re supposed to believe Rob Pattinson can’t afford a bucket?

6. Liam Hemsworth’s Ice Bucket Challenge Shirt Wins All

Hemsworth’s outfit alone merits this video to make the list.

5. Which Rapper/Entrepreneur Accepted The Ice Bucket Challenge?

Dr. Dre hasn’t been this cold since he dissed Eazy E.

4. Stephen King’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is Very Stephen King

Dumping Ice On My Head for Charity is the name of Stephen King’s next book, according to sources. “Sources” meaning I just made it up.

3. Justin Timberlake’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is Much Yes

In this video, Timberlake did the ice bucket challenge with a group of people. But if Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez and Lance Bass were there, it would have been more in sync.

2. Bill Gates’ Ice Bucket Challenge Reminds Us of Bill Gates’ Genius

In this video, Bill Gates proves he’s smarter and more creative than you.

1. Dave Grohl Parodies Famous Film Scene in His Ice Bucket Challenge

If the ice bucket challenge included a big party, Dave Grohl would take the cake–all the cakes. In his video, Grohl parodies the famous Carrie prom scene.

The ice bucket challenge is a great example of effective Internet marketing. ACS, Inc. have improved numerous clients’ Internet marketing and social media marketing efforts, and can do the same for your business. Contact us today to start using the web to its full potential.

How Internet Marketing Can Make Millions: The Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral. Image: ALS.org

There are two kinds of people on social media: one kind is skeptical, acting as slacktivism whistleblowers, and the other dumps buckets full of ice water on themselves. No matter which side you agree with, the ice bucket challenge is an undeniable testament to how effective internet marketing can be.

What is the Ice Bucket Challenge?

The ice bucket challenge epitomizes viral, and it’s near impossible to login to Facebook and not see at least one ice bucket challenge video. The ice bucket challenge videos are part of an awareness campaign about ALS, a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s disease, which affects brain and spinal cord nerves.

The Debate

Critics call the challenge slacktivism, or a slacker’s form of activism. Ice bucket challenge Scrooges argue the videos have become less about raising awareness for a good cause and more about attention seeking. However, the ALS Association, who launched the ice bucket challenge video campaign, have raised about $29.6 million more than last year. Ice bucket challenge supporters claim this fundraising success means the videos have merit.

How It Works

ALS Association logo

Image: ALS Association

Ice bucket challenge participants post videos of themselves pouring an ice water-filled bucket on themselves. The challenge’s ties to the ALS Association means the videos raise awareness, and in turn fundraising, for ALS research.

The challenge has no official, ALS Association-sanctioned rules, but the generally accepted rules are:

  • Get nominated for the challenge by a friend
  • Make a video within 24 hours after being challenged.
  • In the video, dump a bucket of ice water on yourself, and donate $10 to the ALS Association.
  • Tag 3 or more friends and nominate them to do the same.
  • If someone rejects the nomination, the person who refuses must donate $100 to the ALS Association.

Why It Works

The challenge makes supporting the cause easy, fun and social. Participants have a reason to post a lighthearted video, and politely peer pressure their friends to do their part. The ice bucket challenge’s easy to participate nature, coupled with its social incentives, make the campaign susceptible to success.

The ALS ice bucket challenge is an example of viral marketing. Viral marketing is when an organization utilizes strategies that make things go viral on the web. If something goes viral, it means that it spreads across the internet rapidly, similar to the spread of a virus. Often, viral marketing uses hashtags, videos, or, like the ALS Association, both.

The ALS Association encourages challenge participants to use the hashtags #icebucketchallenge, #alsicebucketchallenge, and #strikeoutals. These hashtags make it easier for people to find the videos. More importantly, hashtags organize the videos, making it easier to contribute to and follow the trend. Hashtags also help create a community-like following.

The ice bucket challenge is successful because it’s an internet marketing campaign. Internet marketing is so successful because it engages the target audience by encouraging interaction and participation. ACS, Inc.’s internet marketing and social media marketing experts understand what makes a successful internet marketing campaign. ACS, Inc. also provides social profile services, including creating, maintaining and promoting social media business accounts.

Contact us today to turn passive patrons into involved Internet sensations.

ACS Ice Bucket Challenge

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