SEO from ACS, Inc.: How Our Client Achieved 13 #1 Google Rankings

Our SEO efforts resulted in our client achieving 13 #1 positions on Google for relevant keywords.

In April 2015, a truck driving school with two New York State campuses began an Internet Marketing partnership with ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO. Today, the school has seen a significant increase in leads, and major gains in search engine positioning for the keywords that matter most to their business.

Setting A Benchmark for SEO

In accordance with ACS, Inc.’s process with new marketing clients, a full audit of our trucking school client’s existing online presence and marketing was performed. As well as providing informative insights regarding our client’s business, this benchmark audit empowered our team of analysts, SEOs and digital marketing professionals to have a concept of our client’s existing online presence. Moving forward, our team was able to use these benchmark findings as a baseline to improve upon.

An example of a SEO benchmark report cover sheet. To protect privileged client information, some information has been redacted.

Our client’s first report on its positions on Google for relevant keywords showed promise, but room for improvement. Because our client was also an ACS, Inc. web design client, their site already had an SEO friendly site structure. As a result, prior to our Internet Marketing efforts beginning, our client already held the #1 position on Google for primary keywords and a primary keyword with a regional focus.

While people searching with these keywords were very likely to be looking for services that our client provides, these keywords weren’t as commonly used as other keywords that our client lacked high positioning for prior to our Internet Marketing efforts being implemented. As experienced SEO professionals, our team understood the value of the already high positioned keywords, but also knew that our client had a much greater chance in acquiring new students if their site held top positioning for more frequently used keywords.

A Successful SEO Strategy

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to evaluate which web pages deserve high positioning for certain keywords. As Google Partners, our SEO experts have extensive knowledge of Google’s best practices, and use this knowledge to help our clients achieve high positions on search engines for keywords that are most likely to be used by people who are looking for our clients’ products or services.

Through multifaceted optimization efforts, our team was able to make major improvements to our truck driving school clients’ positioning on search engines. These optimization efforts included, but were not limited to:

  • On page SEO edits, such as:
    • Heading optimizations
    • Keyword focused copy changes
  • Off page SEO edits, such as:
    • White hat link building
    • Meta data optimizations
    • Social media optimizations
  • Page optimizations to provide a more informative resource for visitors, resulting in improved engagement metrics that influence search engine positioning

SEO Results: We’re #1!

As a result of our team’s extensive SEO efforts, our truck driving school client achieved #1 positions on Google for 11 distinct keywords, including #1 positions in our client’s two major service regions as well as general national ranking.

Previous to our marketing efforts being implemented, our client held the #1 position on Google for 3 relevant keywords. One of these keywords is searched only 20 times per month on average, and another keyword is only searched 10 times per month on average.

Prior to our SEO services, our client held #1 positioning on Google for keywords that generated 90 potential visits to their site. Less than a year later, our client now holds #1 rankings on Google that generate 47,940 potential site visits.

Our client now holds 13 #1 Google rankings. Gaining these #1 positions increased our client’s potential site traffic via #1 Google rankings from 90 visits per month to 47,900 visits per month. This represents a dramatic increase in lead generation opportunities.

Following the implementation of our SEO efforts, our truck driving school client now holds #1 rankings on Google for much more commonly used keywords, including a primary keyword that is searched 18,100 times per month on average, as well as another primary keyword that is searched 2,400 times per month on average, as well as a relevant keyword that is searched 22,200 times per month on average.

Because these keywords receive thousands of searches a month, holding the top position for these keywords has significantly increased the number of new potential students who are now considering our client’s school who, before our efforts, may not have known about our client. In turn, this has resulted in significant lead generation growth, as the percentage of site visitors who’ve completed an online student application (also known as the conversion rate) has increased by 378% in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the first quarter of 2015.

Our SEO efforts generated a 378% increase in our client’s online conversion rate in Q1 2016 compared to Q1 2015.

Why Does Being #1 Matter?

One-third of all search engine traffic goes to the search result in the #1 position, according to industry research. Similarly, over 90% of all search engine traffic goes to 1st page search results.

This is why a proven SEO strategy is so important to being competitive today. With 89% of people using search engines to do research before making a purchasing decision, your organization is likely to not be considered by potential clients, customers, patients or students if your site doesn’t hold high positioning on search engines.

How Our SEO Services Can Help

Over ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO’s 17 years in business, we’ve helped hundreds of clients use the web to its full potential, including achieving 1st place and 1st page positions on search engines for relevant keywords.

Let's talk about how our SEO and Internet Marketing services can help your organization.




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